Frequently asked Questions
  1. How to book a cottage
  2. How to register?
  3. How to find and book a room?

How to register?

To register on the site, you must click on the "Login" button on the main page of the site.

Как зарегистрироваться?

After that, a field appears with the words "authorization" and "registration". You need to select the "registration" field.

Процедура регистрации

After that, you need to fill in all the fields marked with "*", put a tick in the "I agree with the rules" field and click on the "register" button.

Регистрация на сайте

After you clicked on the "register" button, the home page window opens. Congratulations, you have registered on the site and can visit your profile, where you can upload photos, change your details or password, and you can also book and pay for rooms in hotels and other facilities hosted on the site.

Завершение регистрации