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About Us

Damda.Uz is a portal that represents a site for online booking of hotels, sanatoriums, recreation areas, cottages and cottages in Uzbekistan, as well as a selection of tours abroad and booking guides services. Our portal helps travelers and vacationers to find the best rooms at a bargain price.

On our site you will find a place of rest for yourself and your family, a hotel or a hotel for business trips, you can book a room at any time from anywhere in Uzbekistan. You can pay for your reservation without leaving your home using your credit card.

Damda.Uz allows you to receive information about the availability of rooms and cost of living, as well as compare prices and select the most appropriate options. Visitor reviews will help you decide on the best option. Information about prices and the number of rooms available for booking through the site is set by the administration of hotels, recreation areas or sanatoriums and correspond to the price list of objects.

We also suggest that you use our electronic platform to make an appointment with a doctor - MedPlaza.Uz and visit the online store of food and household goods

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