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Shukhrat Odilov
Shukhrat Odilov
Samarkand region, Samarkand
  • Samarkand
  • Bukhara

Dear guests, welcome to Uzbekistan! To a country that is rich in beautiful mountain landscapes and desert plains, and the story is filled with many secrets. My name is Shukhrat and I will be your guide in the world of the mysterious history of Uzbekistan. I have been to many cities and discovered many new things for myself. I am a first category guide and have been working for 19 years. Thanks to my experience, I can say that it is more suitable for you, I can organize excursions of any complexity and make your trip really exciting.

In Uzbekistan, a large number of truly beautiful architectural and historical sites and natural places. I always liked Samarkand with the majestic Registan Square or the holy city of Bukhara with its numerous sacred monuments, some of the objects are more than 2000 years old. Uzbekistan is worth visiting once and falling in love for life. Have a nice holiday!

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