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Cottage Barrels, ID 73

Tashkent region, Bostanlyk district

Services and amenities
Number of bedrooms: 3
Air conditioning
Hot water
San. Knot inside the house
Shower / bath
Summer kitchen
Summer pool
Winter pool
About the cottage

Charvak, a huge reservoir, giving drinking water to the Uzbeks. Unique views and landscapes of the mountains, Tien Shan. Many tourists and those who want to relax, visit this place all year round for many years. On the way to the reservoir, there is a gastronomic Eden, popularly referred to as “Barrels”. Here, guests will be met by a number of various cafes and restaurants, attracted by the aroma of kebabs, fish and many other dishes of national cuisine.

Not far from this wonderful place is a cottage, which will give everyone a rest, warmth and comfort. Two-storey mansion with a huge territory, there is a large summer and winter pools. In addition, there is a sauna, kitchen and BBQ. Tired after a long journey, guests can enjoy a dream, as many as three bedrooms with comfortable and soft beds. Cottage, conveniently located on the mountainside, which allows you to capture stunning views.

All those who, at least once visited these wonderful places, pulls back! The abundance of clean air, the views from the mountains at any time of day, whose water tastes feeds the inhabitants of a sunny country and of course people who give warmth to their soul for all guests visiting this region.


All conditions for comfortable accommodation are created, the two-storey mansion is fully heated in winter and equipped with air-conditioning winter / summer to create a favorable indoor climate. Guests can entertain themselves at the pool table, located on the cozy double beds. The cottage is equipped with a kitchen, there is also a grill, shower, bathroom, fireplace, TV and bathroom.

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  • Price per day:
    1 000 000 sum
  • Weekend Price:
    1 500 000 sum
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