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Yangiabad and its surroundings

Traveling in the mountains of Uzbekistan can get lost, but this is not always bad, because we really have beautiful mountains. In the middle of the 20th century, there was the smallest town in the whole USSR for the extraction of uranium and silver, Yangiabad. This area was hidden from lovers of mountain recreation, because ore was mined here. But time passed and already in the 80s the mines dried up, and after the USSR ceased to exist at all. The city was abandoned, all these beautifully built green European-style houses have become unnecessary to anyone. But the years go by and people have new goals. After some time, everyone remembered about the famous Yangiabad hostel. Now the city is being revived and many tourists come here to enjoy the scenery.

About 120 km from the city of Tashkent, there is that most wonderful place for rest and photography, the Yangiabad hostel. In winter, snowboarders and skiers ride here, and mountain lovers live in these places all year round. Today we will talk about the highlands of these edges. 

The mountains here are low, in some places they reach heights of over 2400 meters above sea level, but the landscapes are amazing. Two large sai from the glacial waters of the Tien Shan feed the whole Yangiabad, give coolness even in the hottest days of summer. If a man was immortal, he could watch the gorges form. Water has been cutting its way through hard rock for centuries, painting high and hard-to-reach rocks. The one who was in these places managed to see all the grandeur and beauty created by nature.

A small group of 15 people we went in search of adventure, well, or just take pictures and finally see these places. Getting up at 4 in the morning, sleepy and slightly tired look, grab a backpack and go! There is a 2 hour drive and a whole day of hiking, all have tired faces, but a good mood.

Driving through Tashkent, we observed a beautiful picture of the sunrise over the mountains and already 2 hours later we arrived in the city of Yangiabad. People here are quite friendly, they smiled and waved to us, someone shouted “tourist”, and we continued on our way. Soon we got to the camp site itself, spent a couple of minutes talking with the guards and now we are on the trail.

Spring is very beautiful in the mountains - tulips bloom, poppies and trees around, called sakura in faraway Japan, the view is simply amazing. We walked for a long time through a raging sai and at the end we were disappointed, turning in the wrong direction the group missed the waterfall, but the impressions were good. It is time for lunch, we have already turned in the opposite direction and walked leisurely. There was enough time to reach the huge waterfall in the pigeon gorge. After much talk, it was the decision to go back.

Returning above us, clouds hung over, blocking the sun, the heat subsided and it became easier to move. A little later, we went down to the camp site, I had a great desire to see the waterfall, but I still stayed, watching the guys. The way back and forth from them took no more than 2 hours, everyone was happy with what they saw, but I never managed to see the waterfall, but I still got rid of the picture, thanks to Gregory!

If you are a lover of the mountains or just like to relax in nature, then Yangiabad is a place that everyone will like! Have a good weekend and plenty of clean air!

Sincerely yours, Damda.Uz team.