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Tilla-Kori Madrasa

In 1660, the main square of Samarkand, the Registan, acquired its present appearance: the Tilla-Kori madrasah was completed, which became the final in the architectural ensemble. The construction started in 1646 by order of the ruler of Samarkand Yalangtush Bahadur lasted almost 15 years. By the way, it was built on the site of a caravanserai, which stood here for more than 2 centuries. And the name of the madrasa was due to the rich decoration of gilding on the facade. "Tilla-Kory" literally translates as "trimmed with gold."

Square in shape, the madrasah building fills the entire space between the Ulugbek Madrasa and Sher Dor. The facade, facing the square, has a symmetrical shape and consists of a high portal, and arched niches in two floors coming from the entrance and ending with low corner towers. Hujras (cells), intended for students, go out into the large courtyard of the Tilla-Kori madrasah.

The whole building of the madrasa is richly covered with various floral ornaments and linear patterns. Most of the original decoration was lost, but thanks to the efforts of restorers, it was restored in the second half of the twentieth century. And in 2001, this beautiful monument of Central Asian architecture was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In the western part of the madrasah there is a mosque, which is crowned with a large glazed dome. Its interior decoration amazes with the amount of gold applied by the kundal method. For a long time, this mosque was the main cathedral mosque of Samarkand.

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