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Madrasah Nadir Divan-begi

The architectural complex is closely intertwined with the vizier Nadir Divan-Beghi, who was in the service of the mighty Ashtarkhanid ruler Imamkuli-khan, who ruled in 1611-1642. The complex is located near the famous place called Lyabi-Hauz.

Медресе Надир Диван-беги бухара

In honor of the vizier, the madrassa and khanaka, which is located nearby, got its name, since it was he who initiated the construction of these buildings. It should be noted that the period of construction of the madrasa was considered one of the most peaceful and prosperous in the history of Bukhara.

During this period, more attention was paid to the construction of various architectural structures. The history suggests that the construction of a khanaka was planned at first, then a caravanserai was built, but since this object was built as a place of spiritual solitude, it had to be redone in a madrasah.

The historical monument was decorated in the traditional Central Asian style of Muslim buildings, but elements were also used that were not characteristic of such monuments. On the facade of the building there were various drawings depicting the sun, birds, man, etc.

It is worth noting that another surprising fact is that the building was erected on the example of Sherdor Madrasa, which is located in another historical city - in Samarkand. The only difference is that along with the lions on the building of the Bukhara madrasah are depicted the birds of happiness.