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Mountain Forest Lashkerek

Clean air, forest, river, waterfalls and mountains. Every lover of these landscapes should visit the Lashkerek juniper forest. The vast territory of the mountains on the border of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Here nature has created superb splendor, painted her picture and spread it all over a large area. The impression of this campaign will remain with me for life.

February 24, 2019, we with a small group went on an adventure. All participants had a great mood, everyone shared their emotions and all these people were waiting for something special, including me. Having left Nikitin Street at 7:30 we reached the place in an hour and a half. On the way, passing Akhangaran and Angren, amazing views of the mountain valleys were opened, the sun only rose and gave the scenery some mysteriousness. Driving past such places, you often ask yourself the question, and what is there in the distance? The spectacle is amazing, as is Babaytag Mountain, located at the entrance to Angren at an altitude of 3555 meters above sea level. m. She seemed to rise above this magnificence.

Upon arrival, we immediately noticed a small village, which was located at the foot of the tall mountains of Lashkerek. All that attracted the eye, was above the trees - snow and blue sky. The locals are very friendly, some of them waved to us and wished us good luck, and we went farther and farther.

Climbing the snow is quite difficult, some had to explain how to do it correctly. Everyone went and thought, “where is that waterfall?”. After 40 minutes we appeared before him, - the frozen waterfall was 12-15 meters high. A beautiful sight is ice and water. The group stopped, everyone took a photo and moved on up. Having walked for another 20 minutes, a glade stretched before us, and we stopped at it.

During the picnic, there was such a quiet and calm atmosphere, diluted with children's joy from such a huge amount of snow, I don’t know like everyone else, and I was filled with a feeling of calm and joy. I sat and just watched this picture, eating my food supplies and washing it all down with sweet hot tea. As the saying goes: "Better than mountains, there can only be mountains!". After lunch and enjoying the rest in full, we went to the opposite clearing. We did not reach the glade, but we saw its magnificence from afar. Later we went down to the cars and drove back home to Tashkent. The trip turned out to be excellent, and the memories of it will remain with me for the rest of my life.

Have a nice holiday!

Sincerely yours, Damda.Uz team.