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Valley waterfalls "Tavaksay"

Not far from the city of Tashkent, in the Bostanlyk district, is the mountain valley of Tavaksai. This border region is famous for its beautiful mountainous terrain. Also there are quite a lot of waterfalls a couple of them are 40 meters tall. The way to the waterfalls takes about 4 hours, people are not allowed into this zone without permission.

To get to the village of Tavaksai will not be difficult, just 50km from the capital and you are there. You can drive or take a minibus that goes from Maxim Gorky to Gazalkent. Once in the village, you have to go on the road, there can drive SUVs. After about 2 kilometers, you will see a view of a camel mountain on the opposite side and a canyon with a waterfall.

We walked around the camel mountain around, watched the soaring eagles, ate the Boyarki and went on. On the way, we met the border guards, who made us a remark that we should not walk around this area without permission. After a short conversation, we still missed further and showed the way. We promised that next time we will definitely make a resolution.

Descending from the mountain, we had an amazing view, a huge canyon and a waterfall. The place is simply amazing with its beauty. After a couple of hours of photo shoot, we headed back. A little way down, we met another waterfall, which was also huge. The spectacle is simply amazing, the majestic cliffs, raised above the reservoir. After so many years, water led its way through stony soil and created this magnificent landscape. Having looked at it a bit, we continued our return to the village.

Along the way, we encountered many more medium-sized waterfalls, and the sai saw us twisting and billowing through the valley. The campaign turned out to be successful, despite fatigue and lack of water supplies. We saw really beautiful places and a little soaked soul to nature.

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Regards team, Damda.Uz.