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Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is an unusual and incredibly beautiful place in Tashkent, where you can see plants from different continents of the world, as well as those that are listed in the Red Book.

Ботанический сад

The founding date of the garden is considered to be 1943, it was then that, at the initiative of F. Rusanov, a natural corner of 68 hectares was created. It is worth noting that the botanical garden located in Tashkent is considered the largest in the territory of Central Asia.

Since its inception, throughout the garden, work has been in full swing to plant and grow rare plants from around the world. Today, there you can see more than 4,500 different types of trees, plants and flowers, among which about 68 species are listed in the Red Book.

Ташкент ботанический сад

Due to the favorable climate of Uzbekistan, in the garden it became possible to grow plants that grow in different climatic zones, namely, the garden is divided into 5 zones (Central and East Asia, the Far East, Europe and North America). In each of the zones grow plants belonging to one of the above.

Ботанический сад Ташкент

In addition, there are special rooms where they grow exotic plants and medicinal herbs. In the botanical garden, especially for use as medicines, grow plants such as calendula, chamomile, peppermint and many others.

At any time of the year, the garden looks attractive, for example, in spring you can feel the incredible aroma of blooming flowers, in the fall to admire the stunning riot of colors, and in winter the garden looks like a fabulous snow-covered corner. At the entrance to the garden, there is a small pond where you can see blooming lotuses, besides that there are several other ponds throughout the park where various flowers grow.

Сад ботаники в Ташкенте

For those who want to learn more about the plants and trees of the garden, there are guides who will tell you in detail about the origin of this or that plant. The natural corner is one of the favorite places of rest of the locals, where people come to enjoy nature, to gain strength or just to reflect and dream.

Прогулка по Ботаническому саду

After a recent renovation, the botanical garden became even more attractive, with many different exhibits and places for celebrations.