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Cottage "Grand Lyx", ID 87

Tashkent region, Bostanlyk district

Services and amenities
Number of bedrooms: 7
Square : 200 mВІ
Air conditioning
Hot water
San. Knot inside the house
Shower / bath
Summer kitchen
Summer pool
Winter pool
About the cottage

About 100 km from the city of Tashkent, in Bostanlyk district, in the middle of a mountainous area, is the summer cottage “GRAND LYХ”. Stunning views, clean air, high mountains and plenty of sun, make this place unforgettable. Residents of this area are very welcome at the reception and are always happy to help, and the dishes served in these areas are simply delicious.

The dacha is well situated among this settlement on the foothills of the Ugam ridge. A two-storey mansion opens its doors to large families and companies. Luxurious palace, gives a beautiful view of the highlands and the valley. All conditions are created for comfortable accommodation and living. The cottage is equipped with a kitchen, a bathroom, a summer and winter pool, as well as 7 bedrooms with large double beds in the house. In addition, there is a grill for barbecue lovers. The design of this luxurious mansion is amazing, soft colors, rich look and comfort, that's what awaits the guests visiting this place.

Nature has created all the conditions for a wonderful holiday, and people erected this building, where you can have a great weekend or vacation. Come quickly to the mountains, and remember for a long time these edges and hospitality of the Uzbeks. Enjoy your holiday!

Reservation calendar
  • Price per day:
    3 000 000 sum
  • Weekend Price:
    4 000 000 sum
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