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Japanese garden

Tashkent is a sunny and beautiful city, rich in various historical buildings and monuments, as well as picturesque green parks and avenues. One of these beautiful corners of nature is the Japanese Garden, which is decorated in accordance with the culture of Japan.

The picturesque corner is located near the famous public places of Tashkent, namely located on the territory of Uzexpocenter. This place was opened on August 25, 2001. The garden is shrouded in the philosophy of Japanese culture, in particular, this is a composition of stones that identify the beauty of nature and its greatness. If you want to fully breathe the culture of Japan, you need to abstract away from the outside world for a while and devote yourself to the study of Japanese philosophy. Next to the garden is an impressively large lake, which is a place of attraction for a large number of visitors.

Many residents like to spend their free time on the shore of the lake, gaze into the smooth surface of the lake, in addition, some come with families to enjoy the beautiful landscape and feed the ducks, geese and swans that live around the lake in large numbers. It was the presence of the reservoir that became the main argument for the construction of the garden, since, based on Japanese philosophy, there must be a small reservoir or lake next to any park.

In the park you can also see the famous sakura, which is luxuriously spread out near the shore of the reservoir. In addition, there is a special room in the garden where you can take part in the whole tradition of Japanese tea. In the garden there is a pond where you can watch the goldfish, throwing off everyday worries and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

In addition to the magnificent vegetation, trees, gazebos and houses, the park is also inhabited by storks and peacocks, who walk along green lawns. For a short period of time, the place was loved by all residents of Tashkent, newlyweds come here every day in order to get incredible and beautiful photographs.