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Top 7 attractions in Khiva

Khiva is one of the oldest cities in Uzbekistan, the history of the city has more than 2500 years, according to legend, it was erected around the well, whose name was Heyvak. It is worth noting that according to some data, this building was built by Sim (son of Noah). The heyday of the legendary city begins in the 16-18 centuries, at this time the Khiva khanate was formed, and the city became its capital. The image of Khiva, which we see to this day, was formed in the 18-19 centuries.


Ichan-Kala is a historically preserved part of the ancient city, at the moment it is in the list of objects protected by UNESCO. Landmark is an ancient city, which is surrounded by a massive city wall, around which is a modern city. In the historical part there are grandiose monuments of architecture, buildings, where Khiva khans sat a few centuries ago. The facade of architectural monuments is made with beautiful colored oriental patterns. The city is famous for artisans, whose specialization is woodcarving, as well as unique carpets and jewelers.

If you are in Khiva, then you should visit the following attractions:

1.Ichan-Kala - is the center of the old city, perfectly preserved and conveys the whole spirit of life of the Middle Ages. Here you can fully experience and imagine the life of people who lived several centuries ago, how they went to work or made purchases on the market. Narrow beautiful streets, workshops, charming architectural monuments - all this makes the inner city a real treasure of chic buildings.

Ичан кала

2. Dishan-Kala is the outer side of the city, namely, high walls, reaching six kilometers in length, eight meters in height and six meters thick. Today, the old city can be reached from the four gates that have reached our time, there were ten centuries ago.

Дишан кала

3. Tosh-Khovli Palace is the place where the rulers of the city were located; there was a special place for official receptions of delegations, as well as private rooms. Of particular note is the design of the facility, which was made using blue majolica.

Тош ховли

4. Kunya-Ark - means “old fortress”, previously there was the residence of the Khiva khans, where there was a mint, an official reception hall, an office, a military arsenal and premises for prisoners. The building was built in the national style with the use of oriental ornaments, and the columns, windows and doors are decorated with wood carvings.

Куня арк

5. Kalta Minor Minaret - translated into Russian, sounds like a short minaret, originally thought of as the tallest structure of the Islamic world. It is worth noting that the diameter of this architectural monument is fourteen meters. It is not difficult to imagine what the masterpiece of architecture really would be if its construction had not been stopped. And it was done at a height of 26 meters, the reasons for which the construction has not been continued is still considered unsolved. This architectural monument, the only one in Central Asia, which is covered with majolica and glazed with brick completely.

Кальта минор

6. Mausoleum Pahlavan-Mahmud - this complex was erected in honor of the Khorezm poet, enlightener and strong fighter, which legends were made of. Its tomb is crowned with an original turquoise dome, which is found in other ancient cities of Uzbekistan. The mausoleum is decorated on the inside with a beautiful ornament located on a blue glazed tile. Pahlavan Mahmud died in 1322.

мавзолей пахлаван махмуда

7. Islam-Khoja Minaret - is rightfully considered to be one of the main and most popular places for tourists to visit in Khiva, this architectural monument can be compared to the minaret in Kunya-Urgench, which is called Kutlug-Timur. The height of the structure is 45 meters, and it can be seen absolutely from anywhere in Khiva. Thus, for passing nearby caravans, he could serve as a beacon.

Минарет ислам ходжа

This is not a complete list of all the stunning architecture and monuments of Khiva and the modern region of Khorezm. Near Urgench and Khiva there are ancient buildings, the age category of which is equal to 20 centuries, according to preliminary calculations around these cities are about fifty ancient monuments.

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