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Tashkent TV Tower

In the central part of the city of Tashkent, on one of the most elevated points. The high-rise structure is located, which is the tallest in all of Central Asia - Tashkent TV Tower. It is a symbol of the technical and cultural level of development of Uzbekistan.

The tower began to be built from 1978 and in 1985 on January 15, construction was completed. The height of the tower is 375 dizzy meters. The total weight of more than 6 thousand tons. Architects E.P. Morozov and M.D. The moshey erected this magnificent steel structure. Now the tower performs the functions of broadcasting.

Rising higher, you find yourself in restaurants of European and Oriental cuisine. They are distinguished by a blue and red room. Both restaurants rotate around their axis, allowing not only to taste delicious dishes, but also enjoy the wonderful view of the colorful landscape of Tashkent from above.

Passing into the lobby, you can see the history of various high-rise buildings from around the world. Further the road goes along the corridor, where you can see the layout of our tower. The end of the corridor will lead to the elevator, from where you can track your climb through the screen.

Extreme sensations do not end there. Observation deck on the 105th floor, where a wonderful view of the city opens from the top. Panorama of the city fascinates at any time of the year, but especially in spring and autumn. In spring, you will see all the richness of the green city! Fresh wind and birds singing, this is what can please the soul and make you smile somewhere in the depths. Autumn is an admiration for gold paint. From the height you can see how the leaves fall and spin, leaving the trees. Having risen here, the heart begins to beat faster from the height, at the same time two things are breathtaking: height and the surrounding space, which stretches far into the distance.

Where, no matter how here you can see the beauty of the sunset. Sunset is a wonderful phenomenon that gives people a piece of freedom, a moment for a declaration of love and a moment that inspires new achievements. When the sun touches the horizon, everything seems to freeze. For a brief moment, an atmosphere of comfort, happiness and a little magic is created. If you want to admire a beautiful view, do not lower your chance to climb the TV Tower and enjoy the atmosphere of fascinating heights.