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Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Tashkent

Uzbekistan is a multinational country with a long history. Every nation has made its contribution to the development of the history and culture of the republic. On the Great Silk Road, people from different lands came here, selling goods, sharing their history and faith with the people of Uzbekistan.

The preachers of the Catholic Church made a great contribution to the development of their faith, which happened in Tashkent in 1912, when the idea of Justin Bonaventure and the architect Ludwik Panchekevich was initiated by the construction of the Sacred Heart Cathedral of Jesus in Tashkent.

The temple has experienced many reconstructions, a change of power and robberies, but this did not prevent it from becoming an architectural and cultural heritage of Uzbekistan. Unique in size and ornament, the building is executed in the neo-Gothic style. The huge halls decorated with marble and granite, chandeliers and candlesticks giving light to the church’s hall, windows in the Gothic style are decorated with scenes from the Bible, all this is done thanks to the author’s work - blacksmith Vladimir Pilipyuk. Also in the halls installed furniture made of expensive wood, and at the entrance you can hear the amazing sounds of the 26-voice organ installed here. In the main hall, where Sunday Mass holds a 2-meter sculpture of Christ.

One view of this church is reminiscent of medieval Europe, the amazing work of human hands. Bells are installed on the roof, and at the peak of the building there is a huge cross. On the territory there is a plate with the names of those killed in the Second World War, and in front of the entrance is the symbol of the first laying of the stone.

All this distinguishes the Catholic Cathedral among all other buildings in Uzbekistan. At the sight of him you want to dive into the history and visit inside, admire the ornament and feel the whole surrounding atmosphere of the temple.