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Shahi zinda

The complex Shahi Zinda is considered one of the most delightful and interesting monuments of the ancient city, which is located near Bibi-Khanum. It consists of a number of beautiful tombs, attracting the attention of tourists for its playing blue shades. The complex includes 11 objects that were erected along the medieval street from the 14th to the 15th century.


It is worth noting that close to this complex is another attraction of Samarkand, namely, the site of ancient settlement Afrasiab. If you look at the ancient complex from a height, it resembles an elegant necklace. In this place are the graves where important people belonging to the nobility are buried. The complex begins with the main mausoleum, where Kusam ibn Abbas was buried, considered one of the preachers of Islam in Central Asia, who arrived in Samarkand in the middle of the 7th century, where he lived for about 13 years. He died at the hands of the Zoroastrians.

Мавзолей Шахи-Зинда

This mausoleum is a place of pilgrimage and is revered by the people as a holy place. This burial is the purpose of the visit of many tourists, since even in ancient times, the pilgrimage to his grave was equivalent to the Hajj to Mecca. And the water from the source, which was formed at the place of burial, according to people, has healing power.

All objects of the architectural monument are made in the same style. The buildings are made in the same style, and the rich interior design amazes everyone with its beauty and professionalism of the craftsmen. The last object was built by Abdulazizkhan, going up the stairs, you find yourself in an open space where close relatives of Amir Temur are buried.