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Samarkand: 10 attractions to visit!

For those who first appeared in Samarkand, first of all it is worth visiting the magnificent architecture of the city. It will take you to the ancient era, bestow its energy and inspiration, you will feel the full power of the city, how it was developed in the era of the Middle Ages. We present to your attention, the top 10 places that must be visited.

1. Registan

The square is one of the main attractions of the city, it has acquired world fame due to the majestic architectural ensemble. It is surrounded by three magnificent madrassas, each of which has its own unique decor. Due to the outstanding buildings of architecture, UNESCO has included Samarkand in the World Heritage List.

2. Gur-Emir

The Gur-Emir ensemble was built at the beginning of the 15th century and is a masterpiece of Oriental architecture. Initially, the madrasah was intended to educate the children of the city nobility, in addition to this, opposite the building, there was a khanaka. Today in Gur-Emir burial sites are located, such as the gravestone of Timur, which is located in the very center of the tomb. As for the graves, they are located below, in the basement of the building. Contemporaries are still admiringly appreciate the mastery of medieval architecture, the riot of colors and interior design.

3. Mosque Bibi-Khanum

The mosque is striking with the grandeur of the structure, with its area, blue domes, made to match the sky, from what he saw is breathtaking. An interesting legend is connected with this architectural monument, according to which A. Temur built a mosque that exceeded other mosques of the world in size and luxury and dedicated it to his wife.

4. Site of Afrasiab

From the northern part at the entrance to the city is located the ancient settlement Afrasiab, dated VII-II century BC. An interesting fact is that the city with this name did not exist in history. Locals tell the legend that the city was founded by the mythical king Afrasiab. As for historical facts, it was here that the locals lived from the VI century BC. er until 1220, when the city was destroyed by the Mongols.

5. The burial complex of Shahi Zinda

Probably one of the most mysterious architectural masterpieces of Samarkand, which consists of a number of colorful tombs. This monument of architecture is striking in that it harmoniously intertwines with closely spaced buildings erected one after another for 14-15 centuries. The complex is a place where royal persons and the city nobility are buried. The main burial is the tomb of Kusama ibn-Abbas, who was popularly called Shahi Zinda - “The Living King”.

6. Observatory of Ulugbek

At the time of Ulugbek, Samarkand reached the level of a scientific center, largely due to the efforts of the ruler. In the city of Ulugbek, an unparalleled observatory was built, the main instrument of which was a huge square located inside the building, whose shape resembled a cylinder, and the size of the square was 48 meters in diameter. Its upper part has been preserved to this day, on the roof of the observatory there were special devices, with their help it was possible to determine the exact coordinates of the heavenly bodies.

7. Hazrat Daud's Cave

This place is one of the famous shrines of Uzbekistan, which is located in the village of Aksai, near Samarkand. Hazrat Daud is translated as “Saint David” and is revered in several religions at once. This cave keeps a lot of secrets and legends, which are told to visitors of the village. People come here to ask for help in urgent matters and recovery.

8. Mausoleum of Khoja Daniyar

There are not so many places in the world where representatives of three world religions come at once to pray. One of these places is the mausoleum of Khoja Daniyar (Daniel, Daniel) and it is located in Samarkand, on the outskirts of the historic settlement Afrasiab. A large number of legends are associated with the burial, some believe that the remains were brought by Christians, others that they were delivered by order of Amir Temur.

9. Mausoleum of Imam al-Bukhari

The name of Imam al-Bukhari is known to the entire eastern world - he is considered one of the greatest theologians. In his collection of hadis, there are about 600,000 different traditions written on the basis of the sayings and life cases of Muhammad. Of this vast amount, they selected only about 7,400 legends included in the Al-Sahih, which is deeply revered by the Sunnis.

10. Siab Bazaar

If you come to Samarkand and miss the opportunity to visit the market, then miss a lot of interesting things. The market in the East is a special atmosphere, which in any way gives a feeling of liveliness of the city. In ancient times, the bazaar was the center of eastern trade, and the market located in Samarkand is considered to be one of those ancient places that you should definitely visit.