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Amir Temur Square

The famous square of the capital of Uzbekistan was founded in 1882 and named after the great commander Amir Temur. At the time of construction of the park, it was a park in the central part of the city, which was surrounded by historic buildings that still exist today.

памятник амира темура

In the very center of the square, there is a monument to Amir Temur, who during his reign created a huge empire, which absorbed about 27 states. The monument itself consists of a figure of the great commander, who sits on a horse. Until 2009, there was a park around this monument, but as a result of the reconstruction, the area around it was cleared and fountains were built on it and trees were planted.

сквер амира темура

At the moment, the monument is surrounded by such buildings as the famous hotel "Uzbekistan", the Tashkent Clock Tower, the Law Institute, the Amir Temur Museum and the Palace of the Forums. The last building was erected in 2009, its area is about 10 thousand square meters. This building is notable for its beautiful architectural design and majestic columns, as well as a dome with stork figures on top.

площадь амира темура

All buildings that are located around the square are architectural monuments, and so is the structure of the present Law Institute, which was built in the 19th century, where at that time the women's gymnasium was located. Over time, the building was transferred to the Law Institute.

Next to the institute is the museum of Amir Temur, which was timed to the anniversary of the great figure and where are collected beautiful exhibits that tell about the era of that time. The museum is one of the attractions that tourists from different countries often visit in order to get to know and learn about the culture of the Amir Temur era as closely as possible.

куранты сквер амира темура

The following famous architectural monument is the Tashkent chimes, which for many years have been and remain a symbol of the capital of Uzbekistan. This building was erected in 1947. The initiator of the construction of the chiming clock was a resident of Tashkent, who was a watchmaker in his specialty. The famous watch mechanism was brought from the city of Allenstein; it was there that during the war a watchmaker from Tashkent, whose name was I.A. Eisenstein.

амир темур памятник ташкент

During the reconstruction next to the chimes, new ones were erected, thus they became a reflection of the old chimes. Regardless of the time of year, the square is a favorite resting place of residents of the capital, since many entertainment complexes and cinemas are located next to it. It is from the square to the road to all historical monuments of the city of Tashkent.