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Dark Star Cave

Tourists coming to Uzbekistan often go to Samarkand, Bukhara or Tashkent. See the sights and get acquainted with the culture of the Uzbek people. But only a small part of people inspect the highlands of Uzbekistan. The Damda.Uz team will tell about one unique object discovered by speleologists.

Khoja-Gurgur-Ota, which means “Father of all caves”. This mountain range is located in the Surkhandarya region near the village of Baysun. The name speaks for itself, because this mountain attracted the attention of cavers of the whole world because of the Dark Star cave located here, which was discovered by the English group Aspex - 90 in 1990. It is not so easy to get here, it will take about 8-12 hours to go by car or by train from Tashkent, and the mountain is almost impregnable. Before, to get into the cave, speleologists had to sleep at the foot, then slowly relocate to the summit, from which they later released the cable and installed safety equipment. Then a vertical ascent began at the bottom of the wall base, 160 meters up. So much effort was spent, and how much equipment was brought with them. But for what? - you ask. All is not in vain, because it can be the greatest discovery!

The length of the cave may be 2300 meters, which makes it the longest in the world! Large ice crystals on the walls stretch along almost the entire route to the cave. There are also frozen lakes here, the constant temperature of which reaches from -2 to -5 degrees. A group of cavers "Aspex" completed its research, focusing on the T-shaped fork. Later, in 2011, the research was continued by a Russian-Italian expedition, they opened several galleries, and were also able to find a passage to Izhevsk cave, from which it was easier to get into the very depths of the Dark Star cave. After that, they made several more discoveries of huge galleries, 1,500 meters long, which allowed them to reach a depth of 300 meters. A huge Full Moon grotto was found with large ice crystals and sculptures.

Many more researchers from different countries came here looking for something mysterious that could be unique. The discoveries that were made here by bold speleologists are worthy of respect. After all, we open the doors to the mysteries of our country!

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