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Lake Badak

Uzbekistan is a country that combines plains with mountain peaks. Here nature created amazing views. The mountains stretch from the Samarkand region and go away towards Kyrgyzstan, China and Kazakhstan. From childhood, I dreamed of going around the whole of Uzbekistan, visiting every peak and just enjoying the fresh air of virgin nature. 04.07.2018, we gathered in a small group in the mysterious lands of the Ugam-Chatkal reserve to the lake "Badak". I have already been to the Jade Lakes, participated in the ascent of the Nameless Top with a height of 3816 s. I have seen all these beautiful places, but I have never met such remote lakes.

A group of three people, we left the city of Tashkent at 3 o'clock in the morning. On the way, they sang songs and everyone was just in anticipation of something big, unthinkable, something that would have struck us right in our hearts, the mood was great! Driving through Tashkent at night, we were in the area, an hour later we reached the Charvak reservoir. By this time the dawn began, and here the picture of boundless mountains stretched before us. I just wanted to get out of the car and take pictures of everything! But the path was not long, and we decided to do just a couple of photos.

Another 1 hour and we are already in the village "Tepar". We talked to familiar border guards, issued permission to visit the protected area, paid a fee of 8,600 soums per person and showed passports. Then we had to drive about an hour to the village Dzhudzhurek. There we planned to leave our car and continue walking. Arriving at the place, we agreed with the owner of one of the houses, paid him 20 thousand for parking and went on the map to the bridge on the other bank of the Pskem river.

In the beginning, the path was easy, we walked along huge fields, watching nature. Suddenly, in one of the fields we noticed a flock of sheep, and they were guarded by about 10 large dogs of the Alabai breed; they immediately rushed to us. A very nice and warm welcome for weary travelers. We leaned against each other’s backs and moved to a large stone in the middle of the field, reached him, and with our eyes began to look for the owner of the dogs. At that moment I started whistling loudly and thanked my father for teaching me this. Puzzled by what was happening, the shepherd woke up in the distance and slowly walked toward us until the pack of dogs allowed him to take a step away from the stone. Having met us, the shepherd smiled and led us to the path. After all that we experienced, we had a hard road ahead. Approximately 10 km of track remained on the rocky terrain along Badak Sai.

We walked slowly, trying to capture the entire route. Along the way, met wild apple and mountain rose. Narwhali, ate, happy and contented, the first lake suddenly seemed, the water level fell, but it was deep. We did not swim, it rained. A little glance at the unprecedented beauty and went straight to his goal. Another 2 hours of journey and in front of us is a big lake Badak. Of immense magnitude, there were tops around him. Huge rocky areas were impregnable, inviting travelers to him. We walked to the other side of the lake, a sandy beach was waiting for us. There we met another group, greeted each other and rather set up tents.

Sunset crept unnoticed, and we decided to climb a little higher. We chose a more accessible mountain and climbed on it. The whole valley was visible, and behind it were two peaks: the left and right peaks of Amir Timur. Half an hour we just sat on the slope and watched everything that happened around. Sai flowed from the snowfields located somewhere high on the top. So I wanted to go there, but the sun had set and it was time for us to descend. The return trip was harder than the climb. The obvious path somewhere gone and there was only a very difficult descent on the rocks, without insurance! But everything went without incident, slowly but surely, we went down. We saw off the sunset with the camera and met the night around the fire. After a couple of hours, the moon rose above the peaks and illuminated the whole valley. The view is just amazing! After making a couple of photos, we went to sleep. Finally! A whole day without sleep, it is very difficult. As soon as I settled down in a sleeping bag, I immediately fell asleep.

Seven o'clock in the morning. After a cold night, I got up, if not strange, awake and full of strength. I immediately got dressed and went with Sasha to shoot the sunrise. We had to go to the other side of the lake, again this way. Legs no longer obey, but the positive slashes over the edge. After a small photo shoot, we came to the camp and had a snack. We decided once again to climb higher to the cave, which we saw on the opposite mountain. They rose about an hour, but they did not find the cave. Once again we looked around the gorge and went down. At about 12 o'clock we packed up the tent and headed back. We stood a little near a large lake and went to a small one. The weather turned bad again and it rained, but this did not prevent us from jumping from a cliff into a small lake and swimming a little in cold water. A small lunch in the rain, and we went on.

The journey took 6 hours, the dogs also met, but the shepherd was waiting for us, spent half the field, and the leader of the pack was a big, white, cute and fluffy friend who decided to lead us in his own way. He rushed after us, but he was already alone. A little polayav and escorted us, from its territory, he went back. We were happy to get rid of the dogs. The road was exhausting and we were very tired. My shoes could not stand and broke, but in the end everything went fine!

We met the sunrise, spent the sunset and admired the moonlight over the lake. This trip will be remembered by me and the guys for many years! In the mountains it is not easy physically, but the mind receives a sea of pleasure and pleasure.

Travel and explore the beauty of Uzbekistan with Damda.Uz. All a pleasant stay and good weather over your head.

Sincerely, Damda.Uz team.