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Monument "Bravery"

Tashkent is a city whose history goes back thousands of years. Now it is a modern city with wide avenues, green alleys and parks, architectural monuments and grand fountains.

монумент мужество

Among the huge variety of historical monuments, one can be singled out, which rallied in a difficult period for Tashkent, the peoples of many countries are the “Courage” monument. It was built as a memory of the tragic event that occurred in 1966, namely, that year on April 26 at 05:24 a destructive earthquake with a magnitude of 8.3 points occurred. The epicenter of the earthquake was precisely at the place where the complex is now located 10 kilometers underground.

монумент мужество ташкент

As a result of this, there was not a single building in the city, more than half of the people had to live in tents. This event completely changed the look of the city. In order to restore the city, masters and builders from all the republics of the former USSR gathered in Tashkent. New houses were erected in a short time, and a short time after the tragic event, residents of the damaged houses began to settle in the houses. On the outskirts of the city, huge residential complexes were built, in addition, many buildings in the city center were rebuilt.

архитектурный памятник мужество

As a memory of this event, the monument “Courage” was built, which was officially opened on May 20, 1970. On the podium of granite there is a cube made of black labradorite, where on one side is the date of April 26, 1966, and on its other side, there is a dial that indicates 05:24. The symbol of this composition is a crack that splits a cube. The rift goes from the cube to the sculpture, which depicts a family. Namely, a woman with a child and a man. Where a man with his chest protects a woman and a child from the elements.

монумент мужество ташкент

In addition, there are compositions around the monument that tell how Tashkent was restored. Today, tourists come here to capture a photo, a historical monument and listen to its history, as well as newlyweds, foreign guests and ordinary people in order to honor the memory.