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Minaret Kalta Minor

The architectural monument Kalta-Minor was designed by Muhammad Amin-khan to bring to the world an unprecedented structure, which would be the tallest structure in the entire Muslim world, thus he had to demonstrate how powerful the Khiva khanate is.

But, the grandiose historical masterpiece was never fully completed, initially its height should have been 80 meters, that would be enough to surpass the high minarets in Bukhara and Delhi. The reason for stopping construction was the premature death of the ruler, who, during one of his campaigns, died while fighting with the Turkmen tribes.


After the death of Khan, the power in the state often changed, moreover, huge amounts of money were spent on waging wars, in particular, to the war with the Turkmen tribes. For these reasons, the construction of the minaret was decided to be postponed, as we understand it today, forever.

With this attraction, also associated with many legends, which explain its interesting look. Here is one of them, according to her, the architect who was involved in the construction of an architectural structure, suffered a terrible fate. He was thrown from the minaret under construction on the orders of Khan, who was angry that the architect had agreed to the proposal of Khan Bukhara to build an even higher structure. After that, no one took up the continuation of the construction of the minarets.

Минарет Кальта-Минор

As for the technical characteristics of the building, the depth to which the foundation goes into the ground is 15 meters, and its diameter is 14.2 meters, which means that the construction diameter would decrease, which would give the structure particular strength. Based on such data, it is possible to imagine how great this architectural structure would be. But, despite the fact that its height today is only 26 meters, in its fame, he was able to leave aside the magnificent madrasah standing next to it. The architectural masterpiece fully reveals the fruits of the fantasy of ancient architects, as it stands out sharply on the general other attractions of the ancient city.

The minaret received its fame not only for its unusual appearance, but also for its design. Its surface is decorated with tiles from a blue, blue and white palette. In addition, horizontally, the building is decorated with beautiful patterns, which, according to the architects' idea, should have given the building the appearance of a holistic object. It was decided to do it after it became clear that the minaret would never be completed.

Минарет Кальта-Минор Хива

The architectural monument perfectly preserved all the palette of colors and is considered an object that has no analogues in the whole of Central Asia. Today, the minaret is a unique architectural masterpiece of the ancient city, which with its greatness pleases the eyes of tourists and reminds of the greatness of the Khiva khanate.

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