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Minaret Islam-Khoja

The minaret is one of the main attractions of the world famous historical city of Khiva. This building is an architectural complex, which includes the minaret and madrasas. They are the hallmark of the ancient city, and are considered the most recognizable objects among tourists.

It is worth noting that this architectural complex was built in the years 1908-1910, which cannot be said from its forms, which resemble more buildings of 11-12 centuries. It also has a peculiar approach, so the highest building in the city is located next to the madrasa, which is the smallest in the city. Despite this, the minaret looks grand and masterpiece, it can be seen from any end of the city, which is very helpful in targeting the city, as it was at the beginning of the last century.

Минарет Ислам Ходжа

The main attention in this complex is attracted by the use of the architectural style of the 14th century, that is, the building has a wide base and as it grows upwards, its base narrows, thus forming a tower. This building was intended mainly for a call to prayer and was built to finance the chief vizier of the Khiva khanate, Islam Hoxha. He played the role of Vizier during the reign of Muhammad Rahim Khan 2, who ruled the state from 1864 to 1910.

Ислам Ходжа Хива

This architectural structure was supposed to break the record for height, another famous minaret, which is located in Bukhara. Thanks to the work of professional masters of those times, they managed to do it. Its height is 56.6 meters. In appearance, it seems slim, this effect is obtained when using white majolica, blue and turquoise in the form of original patterns that surround the building and give it brightness and beauty.

Минарет Ислам Ходжа Хорезм

The minaret has a special observation deck, which is located at an altitude of 45 meters, offering a beautiful view of all the architectural monuments of the historic city, which number about 60 units. It is worth saying that Islam Khoja adhered to modern views, often visited St. Petersburg, it was under him that objects such as a hospital, a secular school, a pharmacy, a cotton cleaning factory, and much more were built.

But apparently not everyone liked the progressive ideas of the vizier; in one of the evenings, when he was returning home, he was attacked, he died as a result of his wounds. Thus, the life of a person with progressive views on life was cut short.

Минарет Ислам Ходжа Хива

The architectural complex named after Islam Khoji is perhaps the most beautiful historical monument in Khiva. His name is remembered not about the mention of the embodiment of his secular ideas, but as a man who gave the world a grand and majestic complex.

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