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Madrasah Abdulaziz-Khan

In 1652, on the initiative of the emir of Bukhara Abdulaziz-Khan, another architectural monument was erected, which was named after the emir. It was built opposite the Ulugbek madrasah, which was built in 1417. The idea of the architect was to create a building that would overshadow the rest with its luxury and artistic decoration. There are summer and winter mosques in the madrasah building, which also stands out with its unique decoration and luxury.

Медресе Абдулазиз-Хана Бухара

On the walls of the madrasah, mythical creatures are depicted, and instead of traditional ornaments, more complex variegated ones are used. This was due to the fact that Bukhara had close ties with the Great Silk Road. This building was reflected in the history of the formation of the architecture of Central Asia. It reflects all the strength and skill of the architects of the time.

Another distinctive feature of the Ulugbek madrasa is that verses of popular poets are displayed on the walls of the aivan. In addition, in the premises for classes, there is a wall painting, as well as landscapes that resemble ornaments of India and China. And only the right side of the courtyard is not decorated - this is due to the fact that at that time there was a coup and the building remained not fully equipped.