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Mausoleum of Zangiata

In the outskirts of Tashkent, you can visit the small village of Zangiata. Here is the famous mausoleum of Zangiata, in whose territory Sheikh Ai-Khoja was buried. His nickname “father of blacks” led to the name of this place. This man was a shepherd, he was called a spiritual shepherd. Thanks to his worldly wisdom, he became famous for helping the people, healing the sick, instructing in faith, comforting hearts. He was buried in 1258. And since that time there was this complex of historical architectural monuments that were reconstructed in the 21st century. The old part can be seen from the back of the complex.

This complex was erected by order of Amir Timur, who dreamed that before building a building over the grave of Sheikh Ahmad Yasawi, in today's Turkestan, you must first honor the students of Ahmad Yasawi, and after building the mausoleum over his grave. Amir Timur learns that the closest Sheikh Ai-Khoja is buried in Tashkent and he directs all the workers to the structure of the mausoleum in our capital.

The High Minaret, which previously stood inside the complex, built in 1914-1915, was destroyed from Russian brick and a new one was built on the right side of the central entrance.

Another Mausoleum of the 15th century was built during the time of Ulugbek, where Ai-Khoja's wife, Anbar Bibi, is buried there, which means “Mother of Fertility”. This mausoleum was preserved in poor condition, as a result it had to be restored. Now this place is a pilgrimage of the inhabitants of Central Asia and other cities.

The complex has a cemetery, passing by which you can walk along the path to the Anbar Bibi mausoleum. Also here you can see the source of clean and cool water. People who come here collect water for themselves, drink it, wash their children. According to legend, the water source is considered holy.

Not far from the complex itself, a visiting tourist can taste delicious beautiful patterned large tortillas. If you ask for a local non-beer (baker), he will be happy to show the whole cooking process and bake you hot tortillas with the inscription Zangiata. So, having traveled to the Tashkent region, you can see the mausoleum, which is visited from all over the world, finding peace of mind here.