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Pakhlavan Mahmud Mausoleum

Every nation has its own tales and heroes who possess superhuman strength and courage, namely, we are talking about the heroes. In our area they are called Pahlavans. One of such heroes will be discussed in this article, and his name is Pahlavan Makhmud.

Пахлаван Махмуд

In its part in the ancient city of Khiva, a mausoleum was built in his name. He was an outstanding man of Khorezm, he worked as a master in making furs, so he earned a living. The calling was that he was a philosopher, a poet and a strong fighter. His fame quickly spread outside of Khiva even during his lifetime. According to legend, in all his life, he never lost a single duel. Only once, he decided to give up the fight, having learned that if his opponent lost, he would face death.

Мавзолей Пахлаван Махмуда

Based on sources, the great fighter died in 1322 or 1325. He was buried in the courtyard where his workshop was located. The mausoleum over his grave was built in 1701, after city residents began to consider him the patron saint of Khiva. Years later, his burial place became sacred; over time, other buildings began to grow around the mausoleum.

Мавзолей Пахлаван Махмуда Хива

It is worth noting that the mausoleum and the tombstone, where the hero of Khiva is buried, are decorated with majolica in white and blue, and the tombs of the khans were usually decorated in such colors. At the beginning of the 19th century, the burial site was expanded, and an eastern gallery was added to it. As a result, in this mausoleum the khans and members of their families were buried, namely, Elbars 2, Muhammad Rakhimkhan 1 and Abdulgazihan, thus this architectural masterpiece became the tomb of the Khiva khans.

Мавзолей Пахлаван Махмуда в Хорезме

Already at the end of the 19th century, some more buildings were erected in this complex, such as a mosque, madrasa, and special premises that were a haven for blind people. Especially for pilgrims, there were also provided rooms, as well as there, there was a dining room. At the very beginning of the 20th century, in front of the mausoleum, a 2-storey building was constructed, in the room of which the rich tomb of Isfandiyar Khan was equipped.

Пахлаван Махмуд Хива

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