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Fortress Kunya Ark

Kunya Ark is one of the oldest sights of the city of Khiva. Similar buildings were in every big city and were the residence of the ruler. It provided all the conditions for the conduct of public affairs, as well as accommodation and holding various events. Starting from the 18th century, the object is a protected area and is located behind two walls, with its own walls and walls of the inner city.


The construction of the historical object started in the period from 1686 to 1688, under the ruler Hudaydad Khan and was completed only in the middle of the 19th century. During this period, many ancient structures were restored, which were damaged in the 18th century by the attack of Iranian troops. At the moment, only a few buildings from the once grand object have reached us, namely, the gate with the building, where the guards, reception, summer and winter mosques, as well as the harem were located.

In addition, in front of the building itself there is a square where military exercises were held, and it was also used as a place of execution. Near the eastern wall of the historical monument is the zindan, where the criminals were kept. This room can be viewed today, as the interior of the object is completely recreated with sculptures of prisoners. The fortress also had premises that were used as workshops, stables and storage facilities. All courtyards and rooms were connected by a narrow long corridor. For example, in the first yard was equipped to wait for reception at the Khan, the second was equipped for storing tools necessary for the protection of the object, in the third served as a meeting place of the Khan's council, and the fourth, the largest of all, was a reception room, where official receptions.

Крепость Куня-Арк

It is worth noting that the reception building reached us, in the form in which Iltuzar Khan built it, construction took place in 1804-1806, as for the reception room in its original form, it was destroyed after the attack of Iranian troops object belonged to the 80th years of the 17th century. The territory of this room included a large number of different objects, such as the throne room, open courtyard and aivan, as well as rooms in the side of the building, where archives, libraries, treasury and other rooms were placed.

Куня-Арк Хива

As for the quince, this building was a ceiling, which was propped up by 2 columns, on which verses were carved. But the throne of Khan was located under the decorative semi-dome. In connection with the reforms under the rule of Muhammad Rahim Khan, there was a need to create a mint for minting coins.

Today, in this room, you can learn the history of various types of money that existed in Khiva in different eras. In the mint, all the instruments are fully exposed, as well as the money itself, made from various materials. When you visit this complex, you find yourself, as if in a precious casket, where history reigns in the form of beautiful wood carving, majestic columns that help to convey the spirit of that time in more detail.

Крепость Куня-Арк в Хиве

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