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10 most beautiful and mysterious natural places of Uzbekistan

Traveling, people not only fill their imaginations with new images, but also become one with nature. Travel and explore the world with Damda.Uz. We present you the 10 most mysterious and beautiful places of Uzbekistan.

1. Jade Lakes

Small and large lake Urungach, called "jade" due to its color. They are the true natural wealth of Uzbekistan. Reservoirs are located in the Ugam-Chatkal reserve near the village of Urungach. The small lake is small in volume, and the water is so clear that the entire bottom is visible. A large lake is slightly higher and in terms of volume is much larger than its younger brother. It has a turquoise tint similar to jade, it will be a little more difficult to get. All efforts will not be wasted, because here before your eyes a wonderful panorama of the highest mountain ranges.

2. Lake Badak

This natural water body is located in the Ugam - Chatkala protected area. The walk to the lake takes about 6 hours from the village of Dzhudzhurek, and from Tashkent it takes about 3 hours. The road is rocky, with ups and downs, along Badak Sai. The lake is fraught with many mysteries, as well as the mountain ranges around it. The best view opens from May to June, when the reservoir is still full. Climbing higher, you can see snow peaks and waterfalls, and at night the view of a single starry sky fills this area with magic. The water is rather cold, but clear with a turquoise hue, similar to Urungach.

3. Lake Arashan

About 200 km from the city of Tashkent, on the border between the Namangan region and Kyrgyzstan, in the village of Ertash are Arashan lakes. It offers stunning views of the mountain valley. The water in the lakes is so clean that many do not spare any means, just to get here. There are also hot radon springs, in which the temperature throughout the year remains unchanged. Around the lakes, local residents built Yurts, in which you can spend a cold night with comfort and coziness. To get to these wonderful places can only be on all-wheel drive SUV. The road from the highway takes about 2-3 hours over rough terrain. A great place for lovers of natural reservoirs and outdoor activities.

4. The “Khoja Gur-Gur Ota” massif is the father of all the caves

A huge mountain range with a cliff of about 500 meters and a height of 3720 meters above sea level. Here, nature has built a sloping mountain top, where on one side there is a cliff, and on the other there are traces of dinosaurs. A lot of secrets keep these lands, because not everyone can get there. It is only known that in these places there may be the deepest cave in the world of 2500 meters. The walls of the cave are decorated with ice crystals, a constant temperature of -2, -5 degrees Celsius. Mummified nature of the remains of mountain goats and of course the traces of dinosaurs, all this is here. Walking through the environs of the massif is possible only with guides by professionals and only with appropriate equipment, but it is worth it.

5. Baysun Omonhona

In the Surkhandarya region among the majestic mountains is the Baysun district. Pilgrims consider these places sacred. By giving this area a terrible epidemic was brought down and one of the locals hoped to God, asking for help. After the resident, a vision came to him that he had to climb to the top and hit the sacred stone with his staff and water would go from there to heal its inhabitants. Crowds of people gather at sacred sources, they say that water has healing properties.

At 300 kilometers there is an anomalous zone, where water flows upwards, and cars in neutral gears even pick up speed, moving along the rise. Most likely, this is an optical illusion known in physics as the “lower mirage”. The landscapes here are simply amazing, and the Baysuntau mountain range impresses with its diversity and a length of 150 km with an absolute height of 4424 meters above sea level. Caves, sacred springs, anomalous zones and mountain ranges await you in these mysterious lands.

6. Aydarkul

Artificial reservoir formed in the Jizzakh region due to heavy flooding, as a result of loss of water control in the Shardarya hydroelectric station. The total area of the lake is 3478 square kilometers, the depth is about 34 meters. A unique lake in the sands of Kyzylkum, gigantic sizes with a variety of underwater living creatures. Every year a lot of tourists and fishermen gather here, there is a carp, carp, snakehead, catfish, barbel, etc. Even for the most inexperienced anglers have the opportunity to catch their fish, besides fishing equipment is rented on the spot. This is a great place to watch the sunset and sunbathe, lying on a sandy beach with a cool drink.

7. Cave Teshchyk - tosh

In the Surkhandarya region in the Baysuntau mountains, at an altitude of 1500 meters there is a mysterious place - the cave "Teshik-tash." This place gained fame thanks to the well-known Soviet archeologist Alexey Pavlovich Okladnikov. Here, he found the remains of a Neanderthal girl, whose burial was surrounded by horns, which proves the existence of faith back in those ancient times. Work tools and animal bones were also found. The cave is fraught with the whole history of the ancient world and is shrouded in some inexplicable aura.

8. Ustyurt Plateau

Traces of ancient civilizations, anomalous zones and of course the endless desert with an approximate area of 200,000 square kilometers. They say that bacteriological and nuclear weapons were tested here. The desert lies between the Aral Sea and the Caspian Sea, on the border between Asia and Europe. The harsh climate of these lands did not leave the living creatures in the area, and the well-known disaster in the Aral Sea also affected everyone. Despite this, the mysterious lands of the plateau attract tourists from all over the world, and the stories about these lands excite the consciousness of every person. They say they saw a UFO here! Some travelers describe in detail what is happening. It remains only to find out the truth, but for now enjoy the photo.

9. Gorge Sarmysh

A truly picturesque place, which is located near the regional center of the city of Navoi. On one of the spurs of the Nurata mountains near the Kata-Karga pass, nature has created an incredible landscape of mountain slopes. Here, among the glittering cones of peaks, huge arches and grottoes, nature painted its landscape, and people complemented it. Tourists from all over the world come to see cave paintings, left in different eras, starting from the Stone Age. There are more than 4 thousand of them, nowhere in the world can you meet such a diversity of ancient art.

10. Plateau of Demons

Samarkand is known for all its stunning architecture and history, but not only this can impress the tourist. In the Samarkand region between the passes Ilansai and Tahtakaracha is the Plateau of Demons. The name alone scares people, but do not be afraid, although there is some mystery here. The plateau is known to many those that, on a large area it is strewn with unusual stones. Huge boulders have a similar silhouette with wild animals, demons and people. On some stones, the faces of people are clearly pronounced, as if the Titans fought here and after the battle the mighty warriors petrified.