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Khiva is one of the mysterious and interesting historical cities of Uzbekistan, which is under the protection of UNESCO. It is worth noting that the city was contributed in its entirety, and not according to individual architectural monuments, to world heritage sites. This historical object is called Ichan-Kala, having made a trip by which you can learn about what the cities of the East of the Middle Ages represented.

Ичан кала

For maximum clear picture, we present statistical data, namely, in the ancient city there are about 60 monuments of architecture, as well as 400 buildings made in the traditional style. Historical and architectural reserve - this title was awarded to the ancient complex of Khiva in 1969.

Ичан кала Хива

During its existence, the city was often subjected to destruction as a result of various historical events, but also quickly restored. All buildings in the ancient city are located close to each other, as a result, despite the small territory of the historical complex, it is densely built up with a large number of architectural ensembles, minarets and ordinary medieval buildings.


The year 1598 can be considered the starting point for the construction of the ancient city, because at a given period of time the channel of the Amu Darya changed its direction once again, with the result that Khiva became the capital of Khorezm. The ancient historical complex is surrounded by a massive wall, the length of which is 2,250 meters, its height is from eight to ten meters, and its thickness is five to six meters. It was built of clay brick, the main ingredient for the manufacture of which is clay. It is worth noting that the loopholes that can be found every thirty meters rise above the wall, and the upper end of the wall ends with a pointed railing with holes for firing.

Стена Ичан калы

In ancient times, at the entrance to the city there was a moat, now its outlines can be seen only in the southern part of the historical complex. The city can be reached from four sides, through the fortified gates, over which towers towers tower.

The area of the ancient part of Khiva is small and is approximately one square kilometer. The main street, which stretches from the western to the eastern gates, is the most interesting, since it is on her focused magnificent architectural monuments. Walking along the main street you can see various masterpieces of architecture. This and madrasas, minarets, ensembles, mausoleums, palaces and much more.

Ичан кала в Хиве

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