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Palace Tash Hovli

A unique monument of Tash-Hovli was erected in the 19th century. He was the palace of Khiva Khan Allakuli Khan. Its scale is surprising, in its original form, the number of rooms reached 163, in addition, it included three open spaces, namely, the guest part, where the khan received guests, the courtroom, and the harem.

Таш хаули

Relying on sources, the first room was built for the wives of Khiva Khan. For his wives special rooms were called, which were called aivans. Among which stood out one, the most beautiful and rich - this was the room where the khan was located. It is worth noting that every small room of this magnificent structure is an unsurpassed object of applied art. Unique patterns in the form of ornaments enveloped the walls, ceilings and columns of the aivan.

тош ховли

At the design, traditional for that time color was used, which included such colors as blue, white and blue, they were used as wall decoration, as for the ceiling, red and brown were used for it. On the windows of the room there were beautiful openwork lattices made of copper. The guest part of the building resembled a square, on the perimeter of which various premises were located, which were decorated with beautiful patterns. In another part of the building, which is an architectural mastery, there was a courtroom.

Дворец тош ховли

It should be noted that when decorating an architectural monument, motifs of ornaments of a complex structure were used, the application of which required special skill. The blue background was introduced by artists, with its help the ribbons that combined the panels stood out perfectly, namely, they were beautiful ornaments, drawings in the form of poems.

Таш ховли Хива

In addition, in excellent condition, ganch carving has reached us. The walls were decorated with beautiful niches from the figures, and the long canvases were divided according to separate panels. All this makes the art still incredible and unique, namely, the use of reliefs, patterns, carving on marble, elegant openwork lattice of copper. For this reason, the architectural structure filled with rich design is a real 19th century masterpiece of Khiva architecture.