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Palace of Nikolai Konstantinovich Romanov

In the center of Tashkent city, among the ancient Chinar is located a beautiful house, which was built in 1891. The two-storey mansion belonged to the third generation of the emperor of Russia, Nicholas I - Romanov Nikolai Konstantinovich.

The building was built in the most popular at that time modern style by the architects AL Benoit and V. S. Heinzeltsman. The design of the house is very interesting for its steel ribbed grilles, unusual forms of windows, towers and many other decorations. Statues of deer and dogs are placed at the main entrance to the building - this means that the owner of the house was a hunter. The skeleton of the structure is made of burnt gray-yellow brick. The garden on the inner lawn of the house is the work of the famous botanist and pharmacist of the city of Tashkent I.I. Krause.

When carrying out finishing works, special attention was paid to the premises of the palace. The casing of the halls was made of dark oak, and also decorated with carved baskets and golden paintings. To the chambers of the prince and his wife sent three doors. The library, a billiard room and a canteen, are located in the left wing of the house, and in the right there is a greenhouse and a Japanese-style garden. In one of the annexes, the prince created a room where wild animals that were found in the area were selected. On weekends, the menagerie was available for public viewing.

Prince Nikolai Konstantinovich was popular with local residents. For all the time spent in Tashkent, he built the first cinema, bakery, created a soldier’s settlement in the city center. The prince collected unique antiques and books, which after left the city.

After his death, the Prince’s Museum of Art was located in the prince’s house, after a while the Museum of Antiques and Jewelry of Uzbekistan, and during the Soviet era, the Palace of Pioneers.

At the end of the 20th century, the building was reconstructed and now it is the “House of Foreign Ministry receptions”. At the moment, the house is closed to the public, but you can still watch this beautiful building from the side. The house is located near the Mustakillik square, right in the heart of the capital.