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Dishan Kala

Khiva - a city with unique architectural monuments, once there, you can fully experience the life of the medieval East. Today, the city combines the inner and outer city, in this material, let's talk about the outer part of it, namely, Dishan Kala. It should be noted that the outer part of the city is saved a little worse, unlike the inner city.


At the moment, there are only a few gates left from the once grand and large wall. In the Middle Ages, a majestic wall with powerful loopholes served as a defensive circle. The history of the origin of this architectural masterpiece goes back to the reign of Allakuli Khan, and a unique historical monument was erected on his order. The construction of the wall began in the 19th century in order to avoid the attack of the Turkmen tribes.

Дишан кала

Historical letters indicate that the decree stated that the khan's subordinates worked at a construction site for at least 12 days. Of course, they did not receive remuneration for their work. If you imagine how many subordinates the khan possessed, then it is possible to understand why the wall was erected so quickly, namely, in 3 years.

Путешествие в Хиву

It is worth noting that the number of subordinates was 200,000 people. As a result, the building received a length of 6000 meters, a height of 8 meters and a thickness of 6 meters. The architectural monument was built of clay brick. At the same distance above the wall loopholes rise, and the end of the walls is a railing with sharp ends and holes for fighting.

Дишан кала внешний город

Around the entire circumference of the wall, for even more robust protection, there was a ditch with water. When night fell, all the gates from which it was possible to get into the city were firmly closed. It is worth saying that the gate also represented a defense system, with two attack towers that were located opposite each other from the passage, and above it was a viewing gallery.

Хивинская стена

In its original form, the outer wall had 10 gates that led into the city, but today only a few of them reached us.