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Circus in Tashkent

As in all major cities, Tashkent has its own circus with its own history, which has existed for about 100 years. It takes its origins from the times when performances from various countries of Europe and Russia were performed in Central Asia. At that time, in the capital of Uzbekistan and other cities, semi-stationary tents were organized.

The date of the appearance of this full-featured circus is considered to be the year 1914, which existed in Tashkent until 1966, a terrible earthquake occurred this year, as a result of which the circus was completely destroyed.

After 10 years, it was rebuilt again, the circus on Hadra is located, in 1999 it was thoroughly repaired. The dome of the circus, which is painted in sky color, can be seen from afar. The building itself was built in accordance with the traditions of Eastern culture, there is also wood carving, and stained glass windows with interesting patterns, and ceramic mosaics.

A long period of time, even before the construction of the circus, artists from various countries toured in Tashkent. With the advent of his own circus, he began to fulfill his main goal, namely, the popularization of the national circus arts. During its existence, there have been staged about 20 performances, more than 100 circus numbers, characterized by their originality.

In addition, rides were organized where jugglers, acrobats and trained animals were involved. Today, artists from Uzbekistan tour with their program around the world. They have already held their performances in 30 countries in Asia and Africa, as well as in European countries.

Artists of the Tashkent circus became winners of various festivals that were organized in the Russian Federation, Germany, China, France and the United Arab Emirates. Each performance of Tashkent circus artists creates a sensation and brings the audience to a real delight. For this reason, the place in the circus is never empty and at each performance grateful spectators applaud the skill of circus performers.