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The first ascent, perhaps the most memorable moment in the life of any tourist. It all starts with collecting the necessary products and things. You scroll through useful magazines or articles in search of what might come in handy during the hike. After the collected hiking backpack, a little pain in the knee, left from the last trip, makes itself felt. Half an hour in anticipation of watching TV with a cup of coffee and now you're on your way. It happened to me.

On Friday evening after a hard day's work 06/22/2018 I met with a group near the Buyuk Ipak Yuli metro station in the city of Tashkent, taking a taxi and drove towards Hodzhikent. Ahead of us a glorious night awaited at the foot of Big Chimgan. The ascent was scheduled at 5 am, and at 3 am from Tashkent it would be difficult to get to Chimgan, and not to sleep properly. Arriving at the place, we immediately settled down not far from the road. In the morning, our friend Igor Aliyev was to arrive with his driver. According to the plan, we had to hand over to the driver our tents and everything unnecessary. The ascent takes about 6 hours along the “1b” route and you need to take only the most necessary things uphill, which is water and food.

After a small dinner and stories about the "Shchitomordnikov" and "Phalanx" from Alexander, we went to sleep with fear. The time of sleep flew by not noticeable and now it's 5 in the morning! We stand on edge and admire the sunrise over the mountains. By this time, our comrade Igor Aliev arrived. We handed over to the driver all the excess baggage and set off on Big Chimgan!

While I was walking, an amazing panorama of mountain ranges opened in front of me, the sunrise seemed to open the curtain and invited all travelers to the amazing theater. Overflows of different colors, green meadows and eternal stones that have been part of this area for many centuries. Looking up, the view of the snowy summit of Chimgan opens up, a feeling is created, proximity to the summit, I want to breathe in freedom, to feel the height, but not everything is so simple! After only 30 minutes of the journey, the legs start to get tired, the inner voice says wait, but these are all only vices. The goal is set! We must climb!

The path passed through the western ridge, after 2 hours we were at its top. After a short halt, we went down a gradually increasing slope to a height of 3000 meters. The meadows have already become closer, a view of Charvak and all its terrain opens up from here, involuntarily you begin to think now about the beach, but your legs are already obediently moving forward. After a mark of 2500 meters the slope becomes quite steep, and the path is more difficult. Having reached the first mark in front of the grotto, a flag is painted on a large white stone, and the inscription “3000” below.

A small halt, Shestirin Alexander once again checked the maps, took Evgeny Shabanov and went on reconnaissance. Ahead of us was a grotto! A small rock cave, where the memorial tablets are located for the dead climbers and parachutists. Further on the way we had two “Gendarmes”. Passing through them is very dangerous and we moved along the traverse.

With the overcoming of the first Gendarme, no particular problems arose, the cable was pulled over which we passed (I would like to express my deep gratitude to those who hung these cables, if it were not for you, it would be very difficult for us). Having a little climbed up in the sandbox, a view of 2 gendarmes opened before us. The stony slope, which reminds us of an irresistible wall, was remembered by this gendarme to everyone! There was also secured the cable, on which we climbed. And here are a couple of moments and we are already at the top! View, one view, it is unforgettable! A feeling of happiness, pride and complete freedom. Here it is the top, we are here! Looking back, his eyes begin to ruffle, then emotions overwhelm, I want to cry and scream, just for joy. Here he is, I'm here! There is only a mountain valley around, Small Chimgan no longer seems so big, and Charvak reservoir looks like a small lake. Plateau Pulatkhan opens its spaces in front of me. From below one can see Gul's Kamsky gorge and the “Water Pipe” there, we were there a week ago. I tried to look at the top of Big Chimgan, and now I'm here! Panorama is simply amazing, it is beyond words or photography, it must be seen! Here, there is a triangulator height of 3275m, a cross of 3309 m is located a bit further. The triangulator is the end point of the tour, and the true top is always higher and is simply impassable.

We went up in 7 hours due to frequent halts, but this did not prevent us from fully enjoying the view and relaxing the soul. Then we had to descend, after a short snack and replenishment of forces, we began to slowly descend. We said goodbye to Chimgan and left our hearts somewhere on top.

I would like to thank the group “go to the mountains”, you are the best guys!

Participated in the ascent: Dilmurad Akhmedov, Yevgeny Shabanov, Elena Baronova, Alexander Shesterin and Igor Aliev.

Also, this article contains photos from the last hike in the outskirts of Chimgan, in particular the Pesochny pass, Gulkam pass and the Aksai waterfall.

Travel with, Damda.Uz. Enjoy your holiday and good mood!

Sincerely your team, Damda.Uz.