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Bibi Khanum

A grand and majestic monument of architecture, which attracts attention with its beauty and scale. The mosque is considered one of the largest throughout Central Asia. Bibi Khanum, translated into Russian, sounds like an “elder wife / princess”.

Биби Ханум

Regarding the appearance of this building, a lot of legends and legends are walking around, but from a historical point of view, a magnificent monument was erected by order of Amir Timur. It happened after his victory in India, and the mosque was named after his most beloved wife. Amir Timur independently selected a place for the construction of a mosque, on which professionals of that time worked from different countries.

Мечеть Биби Ханум

The construction of this large-scale structure began in 1399, namely, on the fourth of May, in order to speed up the process, elephants were brought from India. Thus, the architectural structure was built in record time, namely, within five years. At the end of construction, the mosque could accommodate up to 10,000 people. However, the ruler did not like the building, as a result of which the persons responsible for the construction of the mosque were seized.

Самарканд Биби Ханум

Initially, the complex consisted of a large number of buildings, which were later connected by a single composition. The area of the grand structure was 18 thousand square meters. As planned, the mosque was supposed to be a structure that was supposed to surpass all similar buildings. But, at that time, the builders did not have modern technologies, as a result, during the life of the ruler, the structure began to gradually collapse.

Today, 5 buildings have survived, which can be seen by visiting Samarkand. These are such buildings as 2 small mosques, a portal, a minaret and a large mosque, which is located in the far part of the courtyard. See the building, in its original form, was due to the work of modern masters. The restoration work began back in 1968, and it was possible to see the final result only by the beginning of 2003.

Биби Ханум Самарканд

After the work, the height of the portal arch was restored, and the minaret located in the northwestern part was faced, as for the other three minarets, they were rebuilt and faced. In addition, the domes of the main and side mosques were also restored.

The mosque is shrouded in many different beliefs, for example, according to one of them, if a woman does not manage to get pregnant for a long period of time, then she needs to visit an architectural monument. Touching the stones, she must read the prayer, no matter what language, as a result, her wish will come true, since this place is considered holy.