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Unnamed height

Any journey always begins with the words "Let's go ... ..!" At least, our journey began. We gathered a group of five people (Shabanov Eugene, Alena Krotova, Abdulaziz Shaykhov, Anvar Nigmanov and I, Ahmedov Dilmurad), but where ?! Of course, in the mountains! This time the goal was the Nameless Peak with a triangulator (3819m) located in the village of Ertash near the Fergana Valley. This is a border zone of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, here you rarely see people. Already in a mountain valley, there is a beautiful view of the endless mountains, and climbing to the peaks of the Chatkal ridge, we observed a place called the Circus, in the center of which were ice lakes (3477m), the headwaters of the Akbulak river. Large rocky areas around the lake seem to be inclined and protect this natural area. There are few living creatures with the exception of golden eagles and birds soaring high in the clouds. A variety of flora adorns this area. You can also meet the radiographer pink "golden root", a plant rich in its beneficial properties used in many drugs, improves the cardiovascular system, soothes the body restoring strength after great fatigue.

We moved out on Saturday, July 14, 2017 at about 2 am from the Rice Bazaar of the city of Tashkent and arrived at 5 am in the Ertash village, from there, having waited for the Niva car with driver Dilmurad, moved to the valley. After an hour and a half before us the view of our summit opened. On the way, we met locals who live at the foot of the mountain and provide cozy mansions for tourists. This warmed yurt from animal skins saves from cold even in the coldest time!

The path to us was unknown beforehand, since none of us had ever been there. We believed Google Maps and their instincts. Having passed the swamps, we began the ascent to the mountain, the one who went to the mountains knows what a 45 kilogram backpack is on the back and a path without a path on the sandbox (a rock of gravel and rocky terrain). We walked about 5 hours, as planned by our organizer Anwar. Reaching a height of 3200 meters above sea level, here we were met by torrential rain and a very cold wind. We chose a place and set up tents, but Anwar went on reconnaissance.

After fierce battles with the wind and rain, we brewed tea, a little away from the cold and ran into the tents. At about 6 pm we started to fall asleep, the night was very cold and it was in the middle of summer! All night I dragged here and there, not finding peace and comfort. At night, I still ventured to go outside for water and capture the beauty of the night. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures, as the wind was so strong that I was just blown away at 84 kg, and the cold penetrated right to the bone. You can’t call it rest! The night sky is fascinating, the stars are around and only.

Seven o'clock in the morning. The morning sunrise is beautiful especially in the mountains. After a night spent here, we still gathered the will into a fist and went to the top after a short snack. At first, the ascent was an ordinary walk, when we reached the rocky slope, the struggle with ourselves began, the feeling when your body resists advancement, but you persevere until the end. After 2 hours, we were already on the Nameless Peak with a height of 3816 meters, the view from here is not just beautiful, it is incomparable! Ice lakes, mountain ranges and a mountain valley stretching into the distance. To convey the sensations of what he saw can not a single photo, not a single word. After climbing I was filled with a feeling of infinity and complete freedom, as if at this peak I was born again. On this our journey did not end, as it turned out on this ridge there were about 4 more peaks. Anwar decided to walk alone, while we admired the mountain valley.

After about 100 shots, we decided to catch up with Anvar. We reached the true peak without a triangulator with a height of 3,830 meters, but Anwar was already far away from us. I and Alyona didn’t dare to go over the rocks without equipment. It was not terrible, we just thought how many more discoveries for ourselves we have to make, and we always have time to climb higher. Then we began a gradual descent, after overcoming obstacles in the form of huge boulders. We went down to the sands, and there the fun began. As if on skis, we slid on sandy terrain. We descended in an hour, passed through the snowy slope, ride on raincoats and bags, as if on a sled. Just like in childhood!

Having reached the camp, we met our comrade Abdulaziz, who was waiting for us in his tent. Next, Alain treated us beans in tomato sauce with an unmatched taste. Ate and began to slowly collect their belongings. By this time, Anvar approached, boasted his new record of 3884 meters and shared his impressions, congratulated each other, sat down on the track and set off on the way back, went down at 6 o'clock in the evening, as planned. At the bottom, the shepherds and the delicious Kurt were waiting for us, which we were generously treated to. By this time, our “Niva” drove up and we went back to our dear and beloved Tashkent, where there is a house and a warm bath. On the way, the driver told us about another nameless summit, to which we will go shortly.

Wait for new articles. Travel, get to know the world again with the Damda.Uz team. All good mood and a pleasant stay!

Sincerely your team, Damda.Uz.