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Ayaz Kala

Ayaz Kala - is one of the most remarkable sights of ancient Khorezm, it is located in the desert, among the golden dunes. The name of the fortress is associated with the name of the famous warrior Ayaz, who according to some data tried to win the attention of the princess, who was in another fortress.

This fortress appeared in the period of the Kushan Empire, and dates from the 2nd century AD, it was part of a number of other fortresses that protected the land from the invasion of the enemy. It is worth noting that the chain of objects was located so that each fortress had a visible distance from another fortress, so that at the right moment it would promptly inform about the impending attack.

The complex is notable for the fact that next to it there are settlements that are not reinforced from the invasion, but only surrounded by a wall, there are also quite large houses, where there are about 15 rooms. It should be noted that among these buildings, there are three complexes, which are called Ayaz-1, Ayaz-2 and Ayaz-3. Among them, the largest is Ayaz-3, a powerful fortress, in which there are about 40 rooms. Further, the Ayaz-2 object is located and Ayaz-1 is located a little further.

Based on these data, it can be concluded that Ayaz-Kala was in no way a urban-type settlement, but served as a guard complex consisting of fortresses where the border detachments were located. For several millennia, the complex was hidden under the sands, but after a time, and with the help of excavations, now everyone can touch the architectural creation and learn its history.